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If I cannot join live at the time stated on the timetable, can I still access the class?

Our aim at ukfitclub is to make you the best version of yourself. We understand how difficult life can be to get that balance between home and work life and we want to help you. Each class will be available for all members on demand after the class has gone live. This should allow you to still get in your daily dose of ukfitclub, at the hours that suit you. Simply choose your class and scroll through to find the one you're after.

I don’t feel very fit, will these classes be suitable for me?

We are here to help as many people as possible. Classes have been designed to be accessible to those from beginner to intermediate. All classes have been divided into levels: - Level 1 classes are tailored to beginners or limited knowledge of the class. - Level 2 classes cater for those at a slighlty more intermediate level. Each instructor will also give options for exercises during their classes to help you, whatever your level. With all exercise, all our bodies are different, so please only do what you feel you can.

Will you be offering anything more?

Yes most definitely. There is a lot more to come in the pipeline so keep watching this space.

What do I need per a class?

You need to make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and have a water bottle for each class. For Hatha Yoga and Pilates, it will be helpful to have either a cushion or yoga/pilates block to hand. Some exercises will be floor based so ensure you are working out on a soft floor or have a yoga/pilates mat to hand. For all Fitness Classes, it will be helpful to have a towel nearby. For FITCLUB Abs the exercises will be floor based so ensure you are working out on a soft floor or have a yoga/pilates mat to hand.

Can I interact with the instructor?

You will not be able to directly converse with our instructors during the classes but please feel free to drop any questions to admin@ukfitclub.com and we will pass on any queries.

Should I exercise if I feel unwell?

As much as we feel exercise is a great way to feel better, we would not advise taking part in classes if you feel unwell one day. Due to the nature of the classes and instructors not being able to see you individually, we would advise against it.

The audio/visual is not playing correctly for my class. What shall I do?

Due to the nature of all classes being run online, technology can sometimes cause issues. The best thing to do is to refresh the page and try again. Failing that, please log out and log back in.