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Meet Manoj
Founder, UKFITCLUB and
Principal Lifestyle/Body Coach

Manoj specialises in weight loss, strength training and rehab. He also works alongside medical professionals, including GPs and Consultants, to provide safe and effective sessions for those with chronic conditions. 

Manoj's approach has always been to use a more scientific approach as each client has their own individual genetic profile, lifestyle habits, hormones etc which can impact their end result. This is why Manoj works closely with each client to create a customised program specific to their  individual data to ensure they can achieve maximum results.




Having tried to lose weight independently with some moderate success I felt I needed some help to develop my fitness and lose weight. After only a few sessions with Manoj  it was clear that with his help my fitness goals were within reach. With is expertise, encouragement and my determination the weight fell offand my fitness improved to a whole new level. If you want real progress see this man!

Chris Gaherty

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