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Personal Training /  Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching

"Being awake is one thing, but being conscious is another"

To begin with my Personal Consultation brings together an expert and holistic evidence-based approach to health with the personal attention you need from a fitness coach.


We start with your health and fitness assessment gain a base line foundation. Once your assessment is complete it allows me to create a bespoke but agile programme to meet your goals.


We will also look at some simple biohacks improving sleep, diet, the and mind in fine detail and propel your potential for success. 


The Studio

Our Private Studio is fully air-conditioned and has a friendly and family atmosphere. You may help yourself to unlimited mineral water and sync up your favourite music to our in-house music system. 

We have various equipment ranging from a Pull up station, squat racks, free weights, bench press, TRX suspension training and many more.  .

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